P90X3 Crushed!

Took me a little over the full 13 weeks with a couple of do-overs, but I’ve officially crushed P90X3 with the following results, which personally I’m pretty stoked about:


Weight: – 18.4 pounds
Body Fat %: -3.8%
Chest: -3″
Waist: no change
Hips: -1″
Thighs: -2″ each
Arms: -.5″ each
Total Inches: -9″

Fit Test Numbers

Resting Heart Rate: Dropped 10 bpm to 66
Pull-ups: Still doing assisted w/ chair
Vertical Reach: Improved by 1″
Push-ups: Increased by 10
Toe Touch: Increased by 4″
Wall Squat: forgot to check, will do-over
Bicep Curls: Increased by 5 w/ 2# heavier weights
In and Outs: Increased by 15
Heart Rate Maximizer: Dropped by 18 bpm at max and 5 after the 4 min mark

Huge thanks to Coach Yael and all my Shakers and Challenge buddies for keeping me strong and motivated!


One thing I know I need to do better at next time is taking better before/after pics :)! I do have one white wall in my house and clothes that will show a little more so going to take those before T25. Motivation Monday vlog is here:

A case of the 190s

image   The power of positive thinking is an amazing thing, so is the power of negative thinking and while I rarely go all the way to the negative thinking side of the coin, I do have times where the best intentions simply don’t turn into the actions I want. Today was a bit of that when I made the decision to not do my scheduled P90X3 MMX workout in lieu of getting other things done that I felt were more pressing. Yes, work took precedence, but had I woken up 30 minutes earlier that wouldn’t have been an issue, hence my negative-ish thinking. The nice thing is that there’s always tomorrow and while I may stumble, I no longer fall. I log, I decided to have a cup of Kashi Go Lean tonight, satisfied and logged and stayed away from the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches I absent-mindedly purchased a couple of weeks ago (cookies n cream, oh my!), but have since decided they, like Cherry Coke Zero, is a bad idea and not helping my weightloss efforts. I wore a suit tonight that was my moms. A beautiful Coca-Cola red, size 12, pant suit and I felt amazing, if anything I can tell that within about another 10-15 pounds I’m going to have few clothes left. I’m stuck in this 188-191 range right now and while feeling better than ever I need to kick this positive thinking thing into overdrive and get to that next goal of 175! The 1500 cals is sufficient, still not drinking alcohol (though with minor slips), minimizing sugar and processed foods and keeping with my workouts. I’m going to start getting back on the bike, in the pool and as the weather improves, getting the puppies out on the trail. All-in-all I am still on track, just need to keep the particle thinking going and know that, even with everything going on, I have time for those workouts :).

SMART Goal March 31, 2014 – TWD S4 #SoberWalker

@elsiefoxchase #danaigurira #ewcomiccon #sdcc #TheWalkingDeadI decided I need a kick-in-the-pants to ensure my ultimate goal of a size 8 by 11/3/14 was achieved and with Season 4 of The Walking Dead picking back up for the final 8 episodes I thought, THAT’S IT!

Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time-Bound!

8 weeks, 8 weigh-ins, 20 pounds to go from 195 to 175…completely doable if I focus, log, stick with P90X3 and most importantly (for me) lay off the alcohol for the entire 8 weeks of the S4 finale of TWD, hence the #soberwalker. So here we go!

You can see my weekly vlogs here. And believe me, this isn’t “easy” for me, this is dedication and consistency so any and all support is welcome!