SMART Goals – May, 2015

smart goal setting conceptGoing back to my roots of clean eating, SMART goal-setting and workouts, including kickboxing, to get back on track following a busy, non-focused 6 months as I’m feeling a bit roly-poly, which I dislike.

My SMART goals for May/June, 2015 as I’m getting back on track are:

– Workout 5 days/week, including continuing w/ 30 Day Fitness Challenges of Skinny Jeans & Upper-Body, working back up to 30 minutes/day, hiking and biking on the weekends

– 1200-1500 calories, clean eating, following Chris Powell’s Carb-Cycling model

– 7 hours sleep every night


SMART Goal March 31, 2014 – TWD S4 #SoberWalker

@elsiefoxchase #danaigurira #ewcomiccon #sdcc #TheWalkingDeadI decided I need a kick-in-the-pants to ensure my ultimate goal of a size 8 by 11/3/14 was achieved and with Season 4 of The Walking Dead picking back up for the final 8 episodes I thought, THAT’S IT!

Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time-Bound!

8 weeks, 8 weigh-ins, 20 pounds to go from 195 to 175…completely doable if I focus, log, stick with P90X3 and most importantly (for me) lay off the alcohol for the entire 8 weeks of the S4 finale of TWD, hence the #soberwalker. So here we go!

You can see my weekly vlogs here. And believe me, this isn’t “easy” for me, this is dedication and consistency so any and all support is welcome!

SMART Goal – December, 2013

smart goal setting conceptThere are proponents and opponents of most every goal-setting methodology out there, but I tend to like the SMART method as it places a number of factors on the goal and how you’re going to get there. Most opponents I’ve seen don’t really think about what the word “specific” means, this isn’t broad goal-setting, it’s specific – who, what, why, when, how. Great article by @RealHeidiPowell on this –

I am in the process of wrapping up a 9 week decent run at Les Mills Combat and will be starting T25 Alpha Monday, Sept 2nd so on Sunday, Sept 1st I’ll make sure to snap new pics and measurements and get those posted.

Keep up with my logs here, YouTube vlogs here and find my Beachbody coach Yael here.

My new SMART goal for the remainder of 2013 is:

I will hit 199 pounds, by December 31, 2013 by eating 1500-1600 cals per day and logging every day, working out a minimum of 25 mins/day 5 days a week, drinking 110 oz of water/day and getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. I will weigh myself every Monday morning and do my video blog and every 5 weeks I will take measurements and pictures.