Beachbody Ultimate Reset Detox Success!

IMG_3436A couple of months ago I decided I needed a reset , both mentally and physically and I set out to find a true gut-cleansing detox that would help get things back on track to lose weight and feel better. I ordered Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset after looking at a number of programs and decided, being a Beachbody fan already, that this would be the one as it had healthy supplements ad focused on clean eating. It arrived and I started reading through the program to get my mind straight on what I would need to do to jump start this and be successful. This was not simply a gut-cleanse, but an emotional one as well so while exercise wouldn’t be common for the 3 weeks given the reduction in calories and protein, meditations and focusing on self would be. I decided that post 4th of July and a trip to Sky Valley would be best, though there were plenty of events I would still have to make it through and jumped right in.

The program is broken into 3 individual weeks with minor changes along the way to meal plans and supplements. The “Power Greens”, which most people on the Facebook support forums couldn’t stomach, was similar to a wheatgrass shot and while not great, it was manageable. The second week the “Detox” powder was added, which was a combo of ginger, tumeric, lemon and a little chunky, but not as bad as some kombucha-type drinks. The first couple of days were tough. Coffee, alcohol and dairy, along with the obvious white flour/sugar/artificial sweetener, were all no-no’s right off the bat. After day 2 meat/seafood were gone and after day 4 eggs.

worthitI spent plenty of time Sunday’s, as I often do, prepping food for the week to reduce the number of times I eat out, which helps with control. Having veggies cut up for stir-fry’s and lentils/brown rice/oats prepped makes it much easier to stay on track. Working in tourism and being in a VERY social community, I had to say “no” to more than a few meetings and invitations, but it was worth it in the end! The support groups on Facebook were a big help as they typically are for Beachbody.

Other than a few little hiccups, I’m proud to say I made it through even though it sucked at times :)! It has been incredibly rewarding for me to get through this and thought I’d share the results:

*  14.6 pounds gone as well as a few inches!
*  I felt/feel amazing and have from the beginning and my IBS is practically gone for the first time in years!
*  I don’t crave sugar and I’m 100% off Splenda having switched to pure stevia
*  I can live without coffee and think that it and Splenda likely had a lot to do with the IBS
*  My skin looks and feels better than ever thanks to the epsom salt baths and essential oils I worked in
*  My clothes are fitting better and things aren’t hurting as much (plantar fasciitis sucks)
*  I haven’t had meat in 18 days, but looking forward to gradually working a little in, especially seafood, but to be honest I get this whole vegan thing now, but no way I can go 100% 😉
*  I missed eggs like crazy, but LOVE fruit and veggies and found I even like tempeh (another what???)
*  I’ve proven to myself that I’m back on track and heading towards my goal!
*  I’ve missed working out, but with the reduction of calories it’s not a priority on the reset, time to hit the bike and pool!
*  I will be doing this program again…wait, what? Yep, it’s a great program and think once a year for detoxing is a great thing!

What now? That’s where the trick comes in and I should have included this to begin with (thanks Coach Yael for reminding me :)). Adding things back into my diet gradually helps to really determine where IBS and other issues come from. I start with feeling great and anything that doesn’t make me feel great, I don’t do it ;). So far the one thing I can confirm is that Splenda is NOT something that is helping and to be honest, neither is coffee first thing in the morning, but feeling great wins over anything else.