21 Day Focus – No Sugar

For the next 21 days I am refocusing and resetting my sugar cravings. This #21dayfocus doesn’t initially seem like something tough for me, but when I start to think about the little things here and there it’s more about consciousness and less about the actual cravings. White sugar isn’t something I need in my diet and there are plenty of alternatives to things like frozen yogurt, such as fruit, which are satisfying and certainly better for me. Already being in the middle of a no-alcohol phase it’s all the better!

One of the big things with this, which I’m decent at, but need to focus more on with this challenge, is the label reading. It’s always great to read the label for something like the Pecan Pie Lara Bar and find only Dates, Pecans and Almonds, why can’t life be that simple? Dates and Nuts…done!

Lara Bar ingredients - Dates, Pecans, Almonds - simple life!

Lara Bar ingredients – Dates, Pecans, Almonds – simple life!

The easy thing about this is that there is soooooooo much that I can have that doesn’t have sugar that there’s really no deprivation and the health benefits of the alternatives is certainly better than those of white sugar, which are zilch! The funny thing is when I did my first #21dayfocus back in the Fall of 2013 it was for artificial sweeteners and when I got done with that I had actually broken my dependency on Cherry Coke Zero and diet soda in general. I have a deep love for it, but I know that it’s not something my body needs right now, or probably ever.

No Calories, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Sodium, All Refreshing!

No Calories, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Sodium, All Refreshing!

While disliking La Croix originally, I have found that the refreshing, bubbly taste that I get from it now is almost like a treat. I know you’re laughing at me, that’s fine, but I find that I can now have a feeling similar to what I had with Cherry Coke Zero and Fresca, but without another bad for my body and nothing feels better than that! I still have to admit that I’m not sure what constitutes “natural flavor” in the ingredients, but hopefully it’s not bad for me.

So the #21dayfocus on no sugar begins today, February 25th and will run through Monday, March 17th. I’ll report back here and on Twitter with how it’s going and will note products I find along the way, like Chobani Simply 100…nom nom, that I love and help me hit my health goals! Oh and if you want to join me just comment below or hit me up on Twitter with #21dayfocus!