P90X3 Crushed!

Took me a little over the full 13 weeks with a couple of do-overs, but I’ve officially crushed P90X3 with the following results, which personally I’m pretty stoked about:


Weight: – 18.4 pounds
Body Fat %: -3.8%
Chest: -3″
Waist: no change
Hips: -1″
Thighs: -2″ each
Arms: -.5″ each
Total Inches: -9″

Fit Test Numbers

Resting Heart Rate: Dropped 10 bpm to 66
Pull-ups: Still doing assisted w/ chair
Vertical Reach: Improved by 1″
Push-ups: Increased by 10
Toe Touch: Increased by 4″
Wall Squat: forgot to check, will do-over
Bicep Curls: Increased by 5 w/ 2# heavier weights
In and Outs: Increased by 15
Heart Rate Maximizer: Dropped by 18 bpm at max and 5 after the 4 min mark

Huge thanks to Coach Yael and all my Shakers and Challenge buddies for keeping me strong and motivated!


One thing I know I need to do better at next time is taking better before/after pics :)! I do have one white wall in my house and clothes that will show a little more so going to take those before T25. Motivation Monday vlog is here:

One thought on “P90X3 Crushed!

  1. Carrie – you’ve got this!! The fact that you completed P90X3 is a really BIG deal!! Hooray for NSV’s 🙂 Shaun T’s 7 Day Summer Slimdown is a great way to focus on your eating. I know you’re focused on the scale and those numbers, but please think back…I remember very clearly how you felt getting beneath 200. It will come – keep pressing play and doing what you’re doing. You’ll go shopping very soon, and often, because we’re not stopping at 175. But that’s a great next goal 🙂

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