Long story short, I don’t idle well. I’m a bit of a workaholic, coffeeholic and am always working towards beach play time! It’s where I find my chi.

I have a lovely family, who are all now close to me in Metro Atlanta, a husband, 2 dogs and a shitty kitty. I’m a baker and cook, enjoy movies and knitting when I can find the time (ha), scuba diver, web designer, love throwing dinner parties and playing in the dirt. I love to try out new things, whether home or work related and I tend to get lost in the Pinterest void of things I’d love to be working on so set 15 minute Pinterest time limits.

I strive towards total health and while I’ve lost a lot of weight, I haven’t finished, but am now in a constant Beachbody Challenge, currently I’m on P90X3! I enjoy working out, but get busy so finding inventive ways to motivate and get in workouts is key. I go hiking with my puppies and hubby, enjoy swimming and kickboxing and grow (also when I have time) plenty of healthy veggies for salads and juicing.

I live and work in one of the greatest neighborhoods in Atlanta, Castleberry Hill, with plenty to walk to within 2 miles, like Philips Arena and Centennial Olympic Park. I have faithfully served my neighborhood and condo board for about a decade and as the new Vice President of the neighborhood, continue to do so. I also serve as the Regional Vice President for my business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, which I am forever thankful I joined while at Mercer University (Go Bears!). Continuing to try and connect students with alumni is a passion of mine as I feel I missed out on a lot of this as a student.

Work-wise, I started a web development company called Cre8ive Industries, with my husband in 2003 and in 2012 started a movie location tour company in Atlanta called, appropriately enough, Atlanta Movie Tours. My days are full, but being organized and staying on task gets me through everything that needs to be done and I try and encourage that organization in others.

My blog is a lifestyle blog. It will focus on an overall healthy lifestyle and how I am working towards a more consistent healthy lifestyle.  Not to say there won’t be plenty of fun worked into the mix, life is about balance! Health, fun, life…carpe diem!

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